Barbell Club

“Swarms Barbell Club, taught by me- coach Steph, (USAW certified since 2015) will be a 90min individually paced and personalized class focusing on both Olympic lifts: the clean and jerk, and the snatch. We will be breaking down these movements, improving understanding, technique, and developing skills to make each athlete a more proficient lifter. With all things, efficiency takes time, repetition, and practice so while you might get a lot of knowledge and tips from one class, we suggest making the Barbell club a regular part of your routine.
In the words of Krissy Mae Haclerode, “Why do I weightlift? Because lifting weight is fighting gravity and winning.” Come learn how to defy gravity with us and join in on the fun. We will be meeting every other Saturday at 10am. All skill levels welcome.”


Steph DeCaro

Steph DeCaro

Class Schedule

Every other Saturday 10:00am

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