Our group classes are led by certified instructors and keep you movitated


We offer a variety of different programs from Getting you ready for CrossFit to specialty programs to help develop your skills. 


Personal training

 If you aren’t ready for group classes or prefer a more one on one attention we offer personal training 


Our BEx Program is a bootcamp like class that will challenge your fitness level

Classes For All Fitness Levels

Whether you have been working out for years or just starting you fitness journey, we have programs for you.   


Our program is designed for scalability and applies equally well to all individuals regardless of age or fitness level. By varying the load and intensity, we start you at a level appropriate to your fitness and experience. With commitment and hard work you will achieve greater general fitness and a high degree of athleticism. We take an old-school approach emphasizing fundamental, functional movements with proper technique. You will learn and get fit with ever-changing workouts that combine bodyweight exercises, weightlifting, and a huge variety of high-intensity drills that combine cardio and strength challenges at the appropriate level for each person. The stimulus provided is always varied and the results are dramatic. The atmosphere is one of support and camaraderie to anyone willing to put in the work.

BEX Training

BEx Training (Body Express) is a bootcamp-style Class that focuses on metabolic conditioning and its fat burning effects. This conditioning-based class involves lots of running, rowing, dumbbells, plyometrics, rings, medicine balls and kettlebells. No experience or skill level is required , just the desire to sweat and work hard.

Class  time is around 30 minutes


  • This class is perfect for those looking to build a base level of fitness
  • Those who like a good sweat, like working out in a group, and want simple yet challenging workouts
  • This is similar to a bootcamp, however, the focus will still be on functional movements to help enhance your ability to perform day-to-day tasks
  • All movements can be scaled. This means we can simplify movements, decrease the load or intensity if needed. ALL LEVELS ARE WELCOME !

CrossFit Kids is an exciting and fun way for kids to exercise and learn healthy lifestyle habits. Our Coaches are CrossFit Kids Trainers who provide a safe and fun environment that guarantees success for all ability and experience levels. This is NOT just weightlifting for kids. We will focus on good movement, having fun, teamwork, and confidence building. The program will be based primarily on running, drills, games, bodyweight exercises, tumbling, etc.

Each workout, your kids will learn and practice functional movements involving exercises that are fundamental to all things that kids need to do when they play. They will participate in fun and engaging workouts that deliver measurable results and prepare them to be well-rounded athletes. They will pull, push, run, throw, climb, lift, and jump. There will be drills designed to help develop critical thinking and reasoning skills, instill confidence, and learn the value of leadership and teamwork. Your kids will learn healthy lifestyle practices that will last a lifetime.

CrossFit provides physical and emotional benefits for your child and promotes fitness as a lifestyle. Enrolling your child in a well rounded program like CrossFit will show them that health and fitness is something that you prioritize and want to educate them about.

Class  time is around 30 minutes

COMP Training

CrossFit Swarm Competition Level Training

This level of training is comprised of CrossFit Swarm members that train and compete in the sport of CrossFit, Strongman, Power and Olympic Weightlifting. Our goal is to increase strength, skill, and work capacity in an attempt to achieve an exclusive goal of being the best. This goal often includes, competing in the sport of fitness at local competitions and increased placing in the CrossFit Games Open or Regionals.

Requirements to participate in Competition Level Training are first and foremost to always be an ambassador of the sport and CrossFit Swarm. You must be able to dedicate five days a week at least 2 hours a day to your development and training, often motivating yourself and other teammates to push through. At a minimum, one of these five days is spent doing the workouts during regular class times with the main classes.  You will need to have good body awareness and know when it is time to stop and when it is time to push harder, this is not win at all costs, we all want to go home healthy.  Self awareness aside here is a list of Standards that must first be met before anyone is allowed to join this level of training.  Finally, all competition level training is managed by Coach Paul. Regular check-ins and coaching with him regarding training are required and all competition level members follow the same programming.

Gymnastics Skills:

Strict Pull-ups  x5

Strict Toes to Bars  x5

Pistols  x10 (alt 5 ea side)

Strict Ring Dips  x5

Chest to Bars  x5

Muscle Ups x1 (Female/Masters N/A)

Strict Handstand Push-Ups  x5

Rope Climb x1 (15’)

Cardiovascular Skills:

500m row  under (M 2:00/F 2:20)

1000m row under (M 4:00/F 4:40)

18/14 Cal Row in 1 min

Weight Lifting:

Clean and Jerk (More then your Body Weight)

Squat Snatch (M 135/F 95, Masters M 115/F 75)

Overhead Squat (M 135/F 95, Masters M 115/F 75)

Deadlift (M 2x/F 1.5x Body Weight)

Must be able to RX all the Girl WODs (excepting the Muscle-Up ones)


A 90min individually paced and personalized class focusing on both Olympic lifts: the clean and jerk, and the snatch. We will be breaking down these movements, improving understanding, technique, and developing skills to make each athlete a more proficient lifter. With all things, efficiency takes time, repetition, and practice so while you might get a lot of knowledge and tips from one class, we suggest making the Barbell club a regular part of your routine.
In the words of Krissy Mae Haclerode, “Why do I weightlift? Because lifting weight is fighting gravity and winning.” Come learn how to defy gravity with us and join in on the fun. We will be meeting every other Saturday at 10am. All skill levels welcome.”


These sessions are scheduled around your availability so there is limited impact on your daily routine. Our Coaches can specifically target and develop an individualized program that will help you reach whatever goals you may have set for yourself. One of the most important pieces of any fitness program is longevity. 87% of people that start a program will end up quitting after the 1st 30 days. Whether it is because of injury or boredom, those are two results that our Coaches won’t let happen.

For those of you who have been sedentary for an extended period of time, a program that is customized to your specific needs is the most efficient and safe way to get you back into a fitness routine. Our Trainers will focus on specific mobility limitations that can greatly increase the quality of life outside the gym for our clients. These individual sessions will give our Coaches the opportunity to assess what imbalances are present and address these before adding any type of intensity. These sessions can be scheduled around your availability which is convenient for those who have a busy home and work schedule.

Your First Class is on Us

We want you to come and experience what our program is like and there is no better way to experience it then coming in.  All you have to is sign up for a class and come to the time you picked.  




Unlimited monthly


3 days per week (12 classes per month) 


Student Membership Unlimited Monthly  



10 Classes

$140 (Must be used within 6 months of purchase)

1-on-1 Personal Training


Drop-in Rate (must have CF exerience)


BEx Training


Unlimited monthly


3 days per week (12 classes per month) 



10 Classes  

$120 (Must be used within 6 months of purchase)

CrossFit Kids


Unlimited Monthly

$99/ Month


Price per visit

$8 for Non members ($5 for Members)

10 Classes

$99 (Must be used within 6 months)


Barbell Club

Price per visit


5 Classes

$60 (Must be used within 6 months)






We are excited to be one of the few CrossFit gyms to provide access to our athletes 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  •  6000+ sq. ft Facility
  • High Quality Equipment
  • Key Fob Access
  • Train when you want

Price $25/month*

*requires an active Unlimited CrossFit Plan



    • You must meet the criteria for the ‘All Access’ Membership.  
      • You must obtain approval by either Brian or Paul.
      • You must demonstrate safe movement and good choices while in class.
      • You must still attend Coach led CrossFit classes on a regular basis.
      • You must be at least 18 years old.
    • You are responsible for your own safety and your own actions at all times.  Exercise the same care and caution that you would in any public place.
    • You must “Check-in” before you start working out.
  • Each and every paid member will be provided their own access card/keytag. Your access card/keytag is for you alone. Card sharing is strictly prohibited.
  • Your first access card/keytag is free.  If lost or stolen, there is a $15.00 replacement fee for a new access card/keytag.
  • No children or guests are allowed on the gym floor at any time.  Children/guests are not allowed to use any gym equipment. Anyone other than the ‘All Access’ member must remain in the Member’s Lounge or the Kid’s Room at all times.
  • You MUST keep your cell phone near you at all times.  
  • All equipment must be wiped down and returned to where you found it before you leave.
  • Do not remove any equipment, fixtures, supplies, electronics or anything else that does not belong to you.  
  • Any items taken from the retail area or refrigerated beverages must be processed immediately through the self-check out or drink punch card system.  
  • Any theft will be prosecuted to the fullest extent possible.
  • You must understand how to use the Safety Bars.  All Bench Press and Back Squat movements must be done with Safety Bars or in a Cage.
  • During regular scheduled class times, ‘All Access’ is allowed in the Upper Gym (only).
  • Scheduled classes have priority on ALL space and equipment.
  • No pets allowed.
  • No Alcohol or Drugs nor anyone under the influence of Alcohol or Drugs are allowed on the premises at any time.
  • All lights and any fans must be turned off when you leave.
  • You must confirm that the doors are closed completely and locked when you enter and exit the gym.
  • Do not adjust the thermostat.
  • No inappropriate acts or admittance to unauthorized areas.
  • All Access’ is for working on weaknesses, accessory work, or getting in a WOD that you missed.  ‘All Access’ is NOT for doing the Workout of the Day a second time because you didn’t like your score.  
  • Do not open the doors for anyone. Every ‘All Access’ member must use their own access card/key tag for entry.   For any non-members, if needed, direct them to our information brochure to contact us via our website.
  • You acknowledge and understand that video recording devices are in use at all times. Do not touch, move, or unplug any security cameras.
  • You must provide your own music and listening device (headphones or portable speaker).  Unreasonable noise must not be heard outside the gym between the hours of 7:30 p.m. and 5:00 a.m.
  • All Access’ may be limited during gym cleaning times and the floor may be slippery until it dries.  Cleaning schedule will be posted in the gym and/or online for awareness.
  • The rear/upper garage door may only be open during scheduled class times.  The lower garage door may be opened but if running HOWEVER you must stay within eyesight (200M or less) of the door.  If you are running further than 200M you must take your keycard and lock the gym.
  • Report any damaged equipment immediately.
  • In case of an emergency please refer to the EMERGENCY RESPONSE GUIDE posted in the gym.

Feeling amazing isn’t a fantasy or a dream.  Once you figure out what your individual body needs and apply it consistently, your body will respond. 

Food is a large part of feeling amazing.  Food was meant to be enjoyed and eating well doesn’t have to be boring. You can enjoy healthy delicious food withing forcing it down just because it’s good for you.  

I was a very picky eater well into my twenties.  My meals consisted of Pasta, Pasta, and more Pasta.   

It wasn’t until I started to get sick with auto immune issues that nutrition, movement, and managing my stress became a very large part of my healing and wellness.   

If I can do it, ANYONE can!