Part 1.  (20 minute limit)


10 rounds for time of:
10 Thrusters, 95 lbs
10 Push Up (Rings)s

Part 2. (5 minute limit)

10 Man-makers for time (45/25 lb)(dumbbells)

Part 3. (5 minutes limit)

Double Unders : Max Set

A single set of Double Unders for max reps.
Spend the entire 5 minutes working on them,
Paleo Challenge
Every single person in the gym should be doing this.  Nutrition is just for gym performance and to look better naked.  The most important aspect of nutrition is long term health. This more than anything is why I think everyone should do the challenge.  It will teach you how to eat good when you go out. How to prepare foods in your house, and how to keep the house stocked with foods that will improve your long term health.
Do it with the support of others as they too take on the challenge. We are here for you, all of us.
Notice about lateness. 
There are no burpee penalties, there are no punishment push-ups. I know some of you get there are fast as you can. I also know that some of you can only come to class if you are a few minutes late.
As always I would rather have you come to the gym late than not at all.
If you do come late you need to move your butt twice as fast as someone else during warm-up. Make sure that at 15 minutes past the start of the class you are warmed up and ready to go for the first wod.
3.2.1 GO!