I have a theory. If you’ve ever read any of my articles on parenting you’ll recognize it as from those.  This is certainly no surprise since I am drawing heavily on my 10 years of parenting as I proceed into my new life as a trainer/life coach.

The theory is that you must say yes to things, and you must choose the top three things that you want to say yes to. Most people have only enough time or interest for 3 main priorities. It’s my job to show you that YOUR FITNESS must be one of those top three priorities.

In order to make this more fun and give us a clear cut measure of our progress I will be asking each member of B’s Gym to set three goals for themselves.

1. Short Term: in the next 2-4 weeks
2. Mid Term: in the next 2-6 months
3. Long Term: in the next 6-18 months

I will ask you to write these goals down, and to state them in positive language. There is no use of the word “try” or “I’d like to”. Clear, bold statements only.

These goals should be clearly MEASURABLE and OBSERVABLE.

Some examples:
I will achieve a good form shoulder press of 150# by October 2010.
I will run a 1:10 400 meter by February 2010
I will box jump 28″ by November 2009.
I will have a 35″ waist measurement by June 2010.

I encourage you to not make this goals a weight-loss goal, but rather think in terms of an action, a measurement or a speed. This is because weight-loss can undermine your FITNESS if it is the goal. Weight-loss should be a wonderful side-effect of your new lifestyle.

I also want to be sure that you have ALL taken pictures of yourselves:
-In your undies or tight fitting workout clothes.
-Front, Side and Back
If you don’t have a camera, I am happy to take a couple of shots of you at the gym (in workout gear of course!)


Take your MEASUREMENTS!!! We have tape measures, please do not forget to do this!

Waist at the belly button
Abdomen at it’s narrowest point
Hips at their widest point

Everyone will be getting a paper form to fill out with your goals and measurements. If you’d like to attach your pics, I would be happy to have them attached or you can keep those private. TAKE THE PICTURES… you WILL see a huge difference and without the photographic evidence you will find it hard to appreciate just how huge that difference is!