We are moving our WOD tracking to SugarWod !!!

All you need to do

  1. Download it from your app/play store.
  2. Create an account and
  3. Select CrossFit Swarm as your gym

You are good to go.

All workouts will only be posted on Sugarwod.

You will receive notifications from SugarWod right on your phone what the WOD is for the next day (you can turn this feature off).

Exporting BTWB data

We are going to be keep your access to beyondthewhiteboard Available until Jan 27th 2017, so that you can get your old data. The only data that can be exported is Benchmarks and Lifts

If you don’t have tons of benchmarks of lifting data. You can easily just enter your information into Sugarwod. ┬áIf you go to your Logbook you can enter in your lifts and benchmarks

If you have tons of data you need to export a file and send it to Coach B.


If you have any questions on how to do this then contact Coach B and I will help you.