Referral Program

CrossFit Swarmer’s are amazing and we want to implement a new referral system as a way of saying thanks and giving back. Some of you have referred members to us in the past and we thank you so much! With that, the suggestion was to implement a referral system.
Starting this month (April 2015),

How does it work?

CrossFit Swarm is adding a new referral discount that can be applied to any member’s account.

If you refer someone to CrossFit Swarm and they signup for a full membership (punch cards excluded), you will receive a $5 discount off your membership. Every month they continue to be a member at CrossFit Swarm you will receive that $5 discount.

You can save on your membership fees and workout with your friends!

Each and every  referral equals an additional $5 off for you!

If you bring in six (6) members, that is $30 off your monthly membership fee every month!.

Active memberships only. For your membership and your referrals, cancellation of your membership, forfeits all referrals discounts
If your referral cancels their membership then their discount is removed from your referral bonus,  

Immediate family members are excluded. (wife, husband, son, daughter already receive a discount). So get the word out get some friends in and save some money on your membership today.