CrossFit Swarm Competition Level Training

This level of training is comprised of CrossFit Swarm members that train and compete in the sport of CrossFit, Strongman, Power and Olympic Weightlifting. Our goal is to increase strength, skill, and work capacity in an attempt to achieve an exclusive goal of being the best. This goal often includes, competing in the sport of fitness at local competitions and increased placing in the CrossFit Games Open or Regionals.

Requirements to participate in Competition Level Training are first and foremost to always be an ambassador of the sport and CrossFit Swarm. You must be able to dedicate five days a week atlas 2 hours a day to your development and training, often motivating yourself and other teammates to push through. At a minimum, one of these five days is spent doing the workouts during regular class times with the main classes.  You will need to have good body awareness and know when it is time to stop and when it is time to push harder, this is not win at all costs, we all what to go home healthy.  Self awareness aside here is a list of Standards that must first be met before anyone is allowed to join this level of training.  Finally, all competition level training is managed by Coach Paul. Regular check-ins and coaching with him regarding training are required and all competition level members follow the same programming.  

Gymnastics Skills:

Strict Pull-ups  x5

Strict Toes to Bars  x5

Pistols  x10 (alt 5 ea side)

Strict Ring Dips  x5

Chest to Bars  x5

Muscle Ups x1 (Female/Masters N/A)

Strict Handstand Push-Ups  x5

Rope Climb x1 (15’)

Cardiovascular Skills:

500m row  under (M 2:00/F 2:20)

1000m row under (M 4:00/F 4:40)

18/14 Cal Row in 1 min

Weight Lifting: 

Clean and Jerk (More then your Body Weight)

Squat Snatch (M 135/F 95, Masters M 115/F 75)

Overhead Squat (M 135/F 95, Masters M 115/F 75)

Deadlift (M 2x/F 1.5x Body Weight)

Must be able to RX all the Girl WODs (excepting the Muscle-Up ones)

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