Beach Body Challenge

CrossFit SWARM Beach Body Challenge


The main goal of this challenge is rock’en hot CrossFitters. If you do this challenge and follow it you will become stronger, your performance will improve, you will be faster, and your overall quality of life will be better, plus the reward of the “beach body”.  You want the body; I want you to have the other stuff. By doing this challenge and working together its win/win for both you and us, the trainers.

No, this is not a Paleo challenge.  I would love it if you did this challenge with Paleo foods. You know the spiel: meats, vegetables, nuts, seeds, some fruit, little starch, no sugar, but it’s not being required. Why not?  Because doing a Paleo diet can still cause you to eat too many carbs and not control your insulin levels if you don’t do it correctly.

No, this is not a Zone challenge, either. The problem I have with the Zone is that it’s a little too high in carbs and too low in fats and protein. But, we are going to take the insulin control from the Zone and the foods from the Paleo and combine them together.  You will still need to eat a fat or protein with every meal.  If you want to do the blocks I will show you how to adjust your blocks to comply with this challenge.

So what the heck is this?

It’s about not putting everyone into a “one size fits all” box.  This challenge is about customizing the diet to the person. Everyone starts at the baseline and then it’s about customizing the plan as we start getting data and results from your journaling and recordkeeping.  Once we see what you are eating and how it’s affecting you we can then start dialing in the diet to your goals and needs. So tracking your diet by keeping a food journal is essential to finding out how YOUR body works and how YOUR body reacts to foods.

You will –

  • Have to weigh and measure your food (get a food scale)
  • Have to keep a food journal with exactly what you are eating. I want to see total grams of carbs, protein and fats labeled for each day.
  • Do weekly check-ins to see if the diet is working and then make adjustments, if needed (these will also include body measurements as needed).
  • Take body shot photos before March 1st and after the challenge has been completed (these can be posted, but do not have to be).
  • Take daily supplements as required

Nutritional Requirements

  • Protein – .8 to 1.2 grams per lean BW per day with the ideal body fat of 10% for men and 15% for women.   Got that?  .8 grams is the minimum amount to take in if you don’t want to lose muscle mass. 1.2 grams is for trying to gain muscle.

First you need to know your body fat percentage, if you don’t know what it is ask a trainer for help, second (using that body fat percentage) calculate your protein requirements using the examples below.


Male – 200# with 30% body fat

30% – 10% (men’s ideal) = 20%.

200# * 20% = 40# of fat.

200# – 40# = 160# Lean mass

1.0% = 160g of protein per day

0.8% = 128g of protein per day. (160 * .8 = 128g)

1.2% = 192g of protein per day. (160 * 1.2 = 192g)

Female – 130# with 25% body fat

25% – 15% (women’s ideal) = 10%.

130# * 10% = 13lbs of fat.

130# – 13# = 117# of lean mass

1.0% = 117g of protein per day

0.8% = 93.6g of protein per day (117 * .8 = 93.6g)

1.2% = 140.4g of protein per day (117 * 1.2 = 140.4g)

  • Carbs – 100g per day or less. This is the key to losing fat.  Now this is the number that everyone will start with. It’s possible for some people that 100g a day is too much. As the challenge goes on this number may go down. But this number is critical for fat loss because of insulin.
  • Fats – this number is going to vary person to person.  If you are starting to feel low on energy, groggy and unmotivated you need more fats.  This is where your body is going to get its fuel from.  Please talk to a trainer first before making changes to your nutritional plan.

Using the Zone (optional)

So, You like the zone diet and have been following it. This section will tell you how to adjust your blocks per day for the challenge.  Your carbs blocks have to be 10 or under no matter what your block prescription is. You will have to increase your protein blocks to get to the minimum requirements each day.

1 fat block = 1.5g

1 protein block = 7g

1 carb block = 7g

For every 1 block of carbs you take away, you add 3 fat blocks.

Let’s use the male (1.0%) from above, he needs 160g of protein per day but is at 17 blocks for the zone as a starting point.

Protein Blocks = 160g required/ 7g per block = 22 protein blocks per day.

Carb Blocks = 17 blocks – 10 blocks = 7 carbs blocks removed.

Fat Blocks = 7(carb blocks removed) * 3 = 21 fat blocks added. 21+17= 39

So, his daily blocks are:

Protein = 22

Carb = 10

Fat = 39

And from the female (1.0%) she needs 117g of protein per day but is 12 blocks.

Protein Blocks = 117g required/ 7g per block = 16 protein blocks per day.

Carb Blocks = 12 blocks – 10 blocks = 2 carb blocks removed.

Fat Blocks = 2(carb blocks removed) * 3 = 6 fat blocks added. 12 + 6 = 18

So, her daily blocks are:

Protein = 16

Carb = 10

Fat = 18

If you need help figuring out your daily blocks please see a trainer for help.

Here is the CrossFit Journal Article that explains the Zone Diet and the usage of the block system. The journal also provides you with block charts.

Post WOD Nutrition

This is going to help us on many fronts. It’s going to help you get your protein requirement for the day, it’s going to help repair the body from the workouts, and it’s going to help increase muscle growth and fill your body with the proper nutrition that it needs.

You may use a normal protein powder but we are recommending 2 products that have been formulated to help your body recover properly from workouts. They are listed below in the Supplement section. You’re a CrossFitter, you need to push yourself hard every time you’re in the gym and proper post workout nutrition is key to helping your body recover correctly and getting everything that it needs.

For our challenge we are going to do a 1:1 carb/protein ratio.  Which means if your protein powder is 30g per serving your Post WOD shake should also have 30g of carbs taken at the same time. Try to take this drink within 30 minutes after training.

I would be okay with a 2:1 ratio on the Post WOD nutrition, but when you have to stay under 100g of carbs per day then that doesn’t leave you many carbs for the rest of the day.

You can do plain, old chocolate milk here if you don’t want to do protein powder.


If you were to take 1 serving of a Progenex recovery shake (chocolate flavor), one serving = 2 scoops, you would have 23g of protein and 8g of carbs. If you are following the 1:1 carb/protein ratio then you would need to add 15g of carbs to complete the 1:1 ratio. So, having about a ½ of a banana (a whole banana has about 27g of carbs) with your Progenex recovery shake would be a perfect fit for your 1:1 carb/protein ratio to complete your Post WOD Nutrition.


  • Omega 3’s – Fish oil. 4g to 6g (4000mg to 6000mg) per day. (If you take pills that say 1000mg of fish oil but the EPA/DHA is 300mg then it’s only 300mg.)  I would suggest you take it in liquid form.

*There are 5 different flavors of fish oil by “Stronger.Faster.Healthier” in the kitchen at the gym. Please take a small spoonful of each flavor to see which taste appeals to you.

  • Vitamin D – 5,000 IU’s per day in Winter / 2,000 UI’s in Summer.

The family of fat-soluble D vitamins has two forms: Vitamin D2 and Vitamin D3. Both have properties beneficial to our bone, tooth, muscular and immune health, and being deficient can cause symptoms like low mood, energy and heart health. It promotes modulation of cell growth, neuromuscular and immune function, and reduction of inflammation.

  • Caffeine – 200– 400mg.

Now, I am not telling you to start taking caffeine pills or to start drinking coffee but caffeine does have some great benefits – it will deepen pain reception (who doesn’t need that during a WOD), it’s a stimulant and also breaks down fat.  What’s not to love?

Recommended Products

Fish oil – comes in 5 flavors.  Discount 10% code: mullins

You can also use Carlson Brand, which can be found online on and most likely at health food stores. If you want capsules Costco has a good value on them.

Protein powder – Discount 10% code: mullins

Earning Points

In order for me to make sure that everyone is doing what they are supposed to be doing during this challenge I need to see logs of what each person is eating, how frequent they are working out, if they are taking the required supplements and if the correct amount of grams for protein, fats and carbs are being consumed daily. There is a reason for this, not just to make more work for both of us. The reason being is that this challenge, as any challenge we may do within the gym, may not work for everyone the same way. If you are not seeing the results that you wish, and that you should be experiencing, then I need to know what you are doing in order to fix the problems. These solutions can be easily fixed if I see, for instance, that you are not consuming enough fats per day or that 100g of carbs per day may be too much for you. In order for this challenge to work you must make sure that all possible points are met.

Daily Points

Eat the required amount of protein= 1 point

Eat at or below your carb level= 2 points

CrossFit WOD= 1 point

Take required amount of fish oil= 2 points

Take recovery product(s)= 1 point

Record in a daily journal and/or log (explanation to follow) = 2 points

Total possible daily points = 540 (9 per day * 60 days)

Weekly Points

Trainer nutritional evaluation (this just involves a trainer seeing your daily food journal and making nutritional adjustments, if needed) = 10 points

Total possible weekly points = 80 points (10 points per week * 8 weeks)

620 total points guarantees you first place.


Each person must keep some account of a food log.

  1. Journal log- use of a notebook, recording everything that was eaten per day with the correct amount of grams of fats, protein, and carbs.
  2. Go to the Crossfit Swarm Facebook page and find the discussion link, Beach Body Challenge Food Log. Each day record your daily food consumption along with the calculations of grams eaten (fats, protein, carbs).
  3. Record with a online food program such as Fit Day ( ).  This website calculates everything for you!

*Another link to check out for help finding calculations is however; the foods listed only tell you the amount of carbs and fats, not protein.

It doesn’t matter which type of log you use as long as you are using one


Here is an idea of a day’s food log:

(Remember this will vary depending on your amount of grams of protein allowed per day)

*Some of these numbers are not perfectly accurate


5 eggs (37g of fat, 32g of protein, 6g of carbs)

3 slices of bacon (10g of fat, 9g of protein)

1 slice of cheese (6g of fat, 5g of protein, 1g carbs)

Total: 53g of fat, 46g of protein, 7g of carbs


2 cups of lettuce (0g of fat, 1g of protein, 3g of carbs)

Avocado (30g of fat, 4g of protein, 12g of carbs)

Cucumbers (0g of fat, 0g of protein, 11g of carbs

Chicken (6oz) (6g of fat, 60g of protein, 0g carbs)

Total: 36g of fat, 65g of protein, 26g of carbs


Steak (6 oz) (15g of fat, 42g of protein, 0g of carbs)

Sweet potato (0g of fat, 2g of protein, 32g of carbs)

Red pepper (0g of fat, 1g of protein, 7g of carbs)

Total: 15g of fat, 45g of protein, 39g of carbs

Post WOD:

Chocolate milk 1 %(1 cup) (3g of fat, 6g of protein, 26g of carbs)

Total: 3g of fat, 6g of protein, 26g of carbs


4g of fish oil

5,000 IU’s of Vitamin D

Total for one day:

107g of fat

162g of protein

98g of carbs

As you can see the amount of carbs being consumed adds up quickly, remember fruits and vegetables are carbs (and should be the only carbs you are consuming).


The winner will be chosen by whoever has the most points. If you have the most points then you have fully completed the challenge to its full potential, therefore resulting in the greatest outcome= your BEACH BODY!!!

1st place = 1 month free unlimited CrossFit ($150 value) or $100 (in cash).

2nd place = $80

3rd place = $20

A Note From Me:

I understand that all of these requirements and mathematic stipulations may be a lot to take in the first time. Read through this packet as many times as needed, this is why it was made for you. I also understand that your initial reaction after going through the packet was that this challenge is too much work or that you won’t be able to complete it to its full potential. But this is what I have to say, “You can do it, I have faith in you.” I promise you I would not be putting this challenge together if I thought everyone was going to fail instead of succeed.

I also want you to look at this challenge as more than just that. I want you to look at this challenge as a new lifestyle of living. If you can follow these requirements for 2 months and see amazing new results, I am positive that you can make this challenge into a routine.

Good luck to everyone and I am here to answer ALL questions (remember no question is a dumb question).