1. Make a time commitment to the gym.  How often do you get to the gym? Once, twice, three times per week?  Good but if you want results then get here more often. No if’s, and’s or but’s. Everyone’s busy, everyone can think of excuses not to come, but the ones that do the best are the ones I see the most. You can have excuses or results not both.
  2. Listen to your trainers – Yes, I know that we the trainers look good on the gym floor, but there is a reason we are there, it’s to help you.  We are there to help you and motivate you during a workout.  If we say “head up” to you during a pushup every single time, you are not listening or making an effort to improve. If we tell you to get back on the bar and do more work, it’s because we can see that you can, don’t tell us you can’t and say leave me alone.  People who listen will progress faster, see results quicker and be better CrossFitters.
  3. Proper Nutrition – Don’t know what to eat? Wondering why you have been coming 5 days a week and seeing average results in terms of body composition? Keep a food journal. There are 168 hours in a week, if you come to the gym 5 days a week, that still leaves 163 hours outside the gym where you can derail your fitness by improper nutrition, hydration, and sleep.  I wish I could be there to tell you “put that cookie down it’s not worth it” but I can’t. You need to make sure you goals are being met inside and outside the gym.
  4. Push yourself – CrossFit is intensity. If you are not pushing your body as hard as you can, then you aren’t CrossFitting, For example…If you notice not only that there is music playing but you can make out the song and/or artist then you are not going hard enough.
  5. Limit your breaks – If your workout is less than 20 minutes, do yourself a favor and don’t get a drink of water.  You will be fine without it. Promise. It’s a mental break and you don’t need it. You won’t dehydrate in 20 minutes.

CrossFit works. How fast it works depends on you.  Look at the 5 and see where you can improve