Yesterday’s workout was a great example of the mental game of CrossFit.
Having the right mindset before you start is essential to giving everything you have for a workout.

2 experienced CrossFitters walked in the gym, looked at the workout and proceeded to complain about how hard it looked and that neither wanted to do it. They had mentally already decided that this workout would take forever and they would have to grind through it. They both performed exactly as they had mentally prepared to.   Slow.

One experieced CrossFitter walked in later in the day with the mindset that he was to kick this workouts butt. He was determined. You could see it. He proceeded to have the fastest time of the day. Not only was he faster then the 2 others, but he finished in half the time.!

Was he that much better than the other two? Not by that much, if at all. These 3 each have their strengths and weakness but the gap between them shouldn’t have been 20 minutes!

The difference ?    Mental attitude and mental preparedness

When you come into the gym bring your best attitude and you will have your best workouts.

I was one of the slow ones.  Lesson learned.

Must have been a hot topic Here is what Michelle one of the trainers at CrossFit SWARM posted in the comments

I like your response, Dan. Most of this is mental and much more convincing and overpowering than what your body is really capable of. Going into a WOD with the right mind-set is the most important part of attempting any WOD. If you tell yourself from the start that it is going to be too hard, or too long, or too dreadful, your body will follow. The same goes for setting the amount of work/reps you can do at a time or over the period of the whole workout. I would also aim for a higher number of reps and then realize and believe it is ok, when those numbers drop. It is only a natural consequence of your body’s ability. Give yourself permission to achieve higher numbers and ultimate greatness in the end. Many of us contemplate what lies ahead in the WOD and not solely focus on getting through the present movement. By looking ahead and dreading what’s to come, you are setting yourself up for failure. Get through each step with high expectations first, and then focus on the following when you get there. Don’t doubt your body, but believe in what you can achieve.