Hi All.

We moved all the equipment on Saturday so all classes are now being held at the new location for B’s GYM at 76 Elm Street Westfield.

We are now happy to offer a playroom where kids are welcome to hang out while you work out.  This is not a supervised area, but it is directly adjacent to our workout area and there is a window in so you will be able to easily keep an eye on them if needed.

The new location offers on street parking and also plenty more in the rear if you don’t find a spot out front.   There is a door in the back, but it will generally be locked for security until we have a buzzer installed.  You can easily walk up to the front through the city park next to our building.

I want to thank everyone that helped out with the move, it really made it go much faster and better. You efforts in painting, moving, watching our kids and moral support have paved the way to what we know will be a superior workout experience for everyone.  THANK YOU!

Our next big announcement:  SALE!  We are offering specials on memberships to celebrate the move.  Everyone is encouraged to let their friends, relatives, colleagues know that we offer a free one-on-one introductory lesson and fitness assessment.  Please just email or call to arrange a convenient time to learn more about how B’s Gym can literally change your life.

We are using Crossfit Methods in our gym; we are in the process of affiliating with Crossfit, and expect to complete that process in October.  B’s Gym is where coaching and encouragement take priority.  Every day we are coaching individuals to reach their unique fitness goals.  We utilize shorter duration, intense workouts that will develop the entire body in every way possible.  To gain all around fitness and health you will learn something at every lesson.  Variety is the enemy!  We will keep your body on the edge of it’s seat! Every time you set foot in the gym you have a coach right there to give you information, motivation, and support.  B’s Gym is not your typical gym where you are left alone to figure out what to do or how to do it.

Perhaps best of all, B’s Gym and the Crossfit methods are truly open to all people no matter what your current situation.  Everyone can join in, all egos are checked at the door and we all work together towards the best fitness of our lives.  Community is important to us, so come on in and bring a friend!