Part 1 (8 minutes)

Lurong Performance WOD 2

8 Minute AMRAP Max Pull Ups with 6 UNBROKEN attempts

Challenge People get this one done.

Part 2. (15 minutes)

In 15 minutes
Deadlift Max Effort
As Many rounds as possible of
40 Jump Rope (singles)
30 Mountain Climbers
20 Up Downs
10 V-ups

Score is Deadlift + reps from amrap
Ex. 500 deadlift and 5 rounds (500) = 1000 score
Only your highest deadlift will count, deadlifts can be done anytime within the 15 minutes.

Other news.  Kids class is cancelled until November. Starting in November the Teens class will be 4 day per week  and it’s going from 1/2 hour to a full hour. Monday Tuesday Thursday Friday @ 3:30 pm for 1 hour.  The 7-11 year old class is still being worked out.