Part 1 (40 minutes)

“Killer B V – The End of Days”
For time:
70 Push-ups
60 Pull Up (Strict)s
50 Ring Dips
40 Overhead Walking Lunges
30 Deadlifts
20 Handstand Push Ups
10 Front Squats

(A) BW/ .75BW, 45/25
(I)  .75 BW / .50 BW, 45/25, Asst HSPU, Asst Ring Dips, Kipping Pull-ups
(B)  (coaches will choose weight),  Hand release PU, Walking Lunges, Asst Dips, asst Pullups

Last Year Top 5

1. Paul        Laura
2. Chris      Kc
3. Jon
4. Mark
5.  B

Other News.

Pre Games Sat Feb 22 9am,   If you aren’t competing come to watch and cheer other swarmers. If you are competing please let us know asap!

No Normal Saturday class on the 22nd.

We are having a gathering at Westwood at 8:30pm Friday Feb 21st.  come have a drink,

Day 4 Top 5

Day 4 Top 5. Killer swarm week

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Overall Leaderboard

Current Leader board. End of day 4

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