Five Minutes –
Clean (Total Weight)
Two Minutes – Rest
Seven Minutes – Cindy (Total Reps)
Two Minutes – Rest
Nine Minutes Total Reps:
21 KB Swings (55/35)
15 Wall Ball (20/14)
9 Burpee

For five minutes, you will squat clean. You will multiply your reps times the bar load and that is your ‘score’ for this part. Then, you will rest two minutes. For seven minutes, you will perform Cindy (5 Pullup, 10 Pushup, 15 Air Squat) and take the total number of reps completed in 7 minutes. For example, if you complete 6 rounds and 3 pullups; you would have 183 (30 reps x 6 = 180 + 3 pullups). Then you will rest two minutes. For nine minutes, you will perform as many rounds as possible of 21 KB Swing, 15 Wall Ball and 9 Burpee. Here again you will count your total number of reps completed in 9 minutes. Your total score is the combination of all three rounds.

Other News. 

JD had some burpee fun with Coach Bergener at Reebok One at a CrossFit Olympic Lifting Cert.

The Swarm Competition workouts start Monday. Only people approved for the classes  can do the workouts.