Part 1. (10 minutes)

Every minute on the minute for 10 minutes do
1 clean & jerk

80% of your 1-rep max

Part 2. (15 minutes)

Front Squat 20

Unbroken set of 20 as heavy as possible

Conditioning (10 minutes)

5 rounds of:
1 Prowler Push 90/50 lbs.
50 meters

Rest between efforts

Other Notes

Been cut-off on a WOD recently?  You should ask a trainer to help you pick weights/movements that will allow you to finish under the time limit.  Think you can make it? Push hard and get it!

Paleo Challenge – September 17 2012.  Signup at the link below.  Registration is $50. I want everyone doing this, 

Diet is huge. Wondering why you haven’t slimmed as much as you wanted? Struggling to catch your breath a lot during a WOD.  Poor nutrition can affect you in a lot of ways, try it and see.

You’ll be stronger, healthier, and faster if your nutrition is dialed in.