Part 1. (15 minutes)

Push Jerk 1

Work on form then move up to a heavy single

Part 2.  (12 minutes)

As many reps in 12 mins as you can of:

Ladder Workout
1 Squat Clean Thruster, (135/95) lbs
1 Box Jump (30 in.)

Add 1 rep every round.

Other News

No 10am classes this week.

Upcoming Events

Kettlebell Seminar  – Feb 23 2013  – Sign up!!!!  

The kettlebell seminars will be opening up to other gyms in the area. so signup before it’s full.

The Swarm Pre-Games – March 2 2013. First ever in house CrossFit Comp at Swarm.  Click here for more details.

You guys need to sign up for these as soon as you can.