Wednesday February 1 2012

“Karen Interrupted”

With a continuously running clock athletes accumulate as many wall ball shots as possible in 3:00.
At 3:00, Karen is interrupted and the athletes have 5:00 to reach a one-rep max squat clean.
At the 8:00 mark, athletes return to their wall balls and complete shots required to total 150 reps.This event is scored as two WODs:
(1) total time to complete Karen (Including the 5:00 for the squat clean effort)
(2) max weight achieved on lift

Other news

Rowing Clinic this Saturday at 10:00am
CrossFit Games Open starts this Month
The Open will post one workout per week for five weeks, beginning at 5 p.m. PT on February 22. Athletes will have until Sunday at 5 p.m. PT each week to submit their results.
All gym members are welcome to compete at CrossFit Swarm. We will be doing the workout on Saturday’s and one weekday that will be announced closer to the date.