“Killer Swarm IV – The Next Chapter”

Double Under
Thruster 75lbs/55lbs
Abmat situp
Kettlebell Swings 35lbs/26lbs
Box Jumps

Max effort Reps 3 Minutes per station. 1 minute rest between exercises
Highest Score is the Total reps from all 5 stations


Killer Swarm Week
Current Overall Leaderboard Standings
Men          Women
1st Paul (100)   Laura (100)
2nd Mark (90)   Steph (80)
3rd Jon (70)     Sabrina (60)
4th Matt(70)   Erin (60)
5th Tyler (60)  Beth (50)

Day 2 Top 5

1st Mark  Beth
2nd Tyler  Erin
3rd Jon  Michelle
4th Paul
5th B

Kettlebell Seminar this weekend.
The gym will be closed on Saturday for normal class due to the seminar.
The seminar is 4 Hours. It will now have 2 certified trainers at it.  Don’t miss out.

Sign up here!

Everyone that signs up for the seminar will get a swarm license plate. Not for retail sale, yet.

Photo of the Swarm License Plate