Part 1. (15 minutes)

For time:
Row, 1000 m
150 Double Unders
Run, 800 m

(A) As Rx (if you can string big sets of DU’s)
(I)  75 DU or
(B) 1000m row. 300 singles. 400m run

(A+I) if you don’t complete the DU’s till after the 10:00 mark.  Run 400m

Part 2. (8 minutes)

“Speed Isabel”

For time: 30 Snatches

(A) 135/95 lbs
(I) 95/65 lbs
(B) 75 /53 lbs

Select the level that will let you finish in 8 minutes.  We are going for speed here not weight.
(A + I ) If you don’t finish the 30 reps in time. 1 Man-maker per rep. (40/25)

Since we will be doing heats on part 1, we will do part 2 in heats also.  Get ready after you finish part 1.

Rememeber we will be closed this Sunday to cheer on swarmers at a CrossFit Comp. Columbia Throwdown.