Part 1. (20 minutes)

Front Squat 1

We haven’t tested our front squat in a while. Work up to a heavy 1 rep max.  If you find your max and still have time. go back down to 80%  and do sets of 5 with remaining time.

Part 2. (10 minutes)

In 10 mins do:

50 Kettlebell Swings, 70/53 lbs
then in the remaining time,
3 Chest-to-bar Pull-ups
6 Sit-up (medicine ball)s, 20/14 lbs
9 Overhead Walking Lunges, 20/14 lbs

Use medicine ball for lunges

Other News

I created a poll about starting a new paleo challenge.  LINK TO FACEBOOK POLL

Please let us know if you are interested.  It’s time to get summer ready!