Strength (15 minutes)

7X2 Snatch off High Blocks
Blocks should raise the bar to somewhere between the knees and the pockets. DO NOT push the knees forward, on the other side of the bar, and allow the torso to raise into a vertical position. The barbell should be directly under the shoulder blades, with the knees only slightly in front of the bar when starting off blocks. Make sure to set the back before pulling, load the hamstrings, and DO NOT jump forward. If jumping forward is an issue make sure to finish pulling the bar all the way to the pelvis and keep the heels loaded until the last possible second.

Conditioning (15 minutes)

4 rounds of As many reps as possible in 3 minutes
3 Hang Power Snatch (95/65 lbs)
6 Toes through rings
9 Situps

Rest 1:00 after each round

start at hang power snatch after each break.