Whether you’ve run a hundred 5k’s or zero I want to help you get to the finish line of Northampton’s Hot Chocolate Benefit for Safe Passage. This is the race that changed my whole life two years ago, and I want to share it with more people! There are plenty of people who run this slow, or even walk it so do not let your ‘slow pace’ keep you from trying out the 5k distance. I was surprised- no shocked- two years ago to find out that the racing community is inclusive and friendly.

We have 8 weeks until the race, plenty of time to get you ready to run 5k.
We’ll take this step by step, and I’ll tailor a plan just for you to get you across the finish line.

Sign up with me this week, it is $18 to enter, I will register you in our group. On race day, everyone will run their own race, no pressure to keep up with anyone, or to hold back for anyone. At the finish there is hot chocolate- we can indulge ourselves in a less-than-paleo treat together 🙂