Strength  (12 minutes)

Back Squat 3 3 3+


Part 1.  (11 minutes)

“Mini Heavy Chief”

3 power cleans (155lbs, 105lbs) or use 60% of your 3RM power clean
6 push ups
9 air squats
Max repetitions in 3 minutes, rest 1 minute. 3 ‘cycles’ Start where you left off when you start a new cycle (if if you finish with 3 rounds and 4 push ups, start the next cycle at push up no 5). Total workout time will be 11 minutes with 9 mins of work and 2 minutes of rest. Count total REPS and post that to BTWB. Tip: there is 18 repetitions per ’round’.

Part 2.  (5 minutes)

21 – 15 – 9

Thrusters (95/65)
Unbroken Double Unders

Other News

Progenex is in, first come first served.

Lurong Paleo – Friday will be the second challenge WOD, and Monday for the third, keep logging your food daily.  Make sure you do everything that is required by the dashboard at the bottom.