Part 1.  (15 minutes)

Fat Bar Deadlift 1

Overhand Grip Only

Part 2. (10 minutes)

Shrug drop Practice,
Focus on speed under the bar. Use an appropriate load.

Conditioning (10 mintues)

4 Min ME Double Unders (reps)
3 Min ME Kettlebell Clean & Jerk  53/35 lb (reps)
2 Min ME Russian Kettlebell Swings 53/35 lb (reps)
1 Min ME Lateral Burpees (reps)

Total Reps

Other News

Paleo Challenge. – We have a few people that need to complete a WOD, come in and get it done. Also keep tracking you diet daily.

New Comp Shirts are in.  If you have a competition coming up in the near future, make sure that you get one.
They are 50/50 poly/cotton unisex shirts.