Part 1. (20 minutes)

Deadlift 1

Set a new 1 rep max.

Part 2. (8 minutes)

Back Squat 4,000/3,000 (total pounds)

Then in the remaining time
As many rounds as possible.

8 Pistols (A) /  16 Air Squats (I/B)
8 Push Press 

Score is total rounds

You pick the bar weight. You must move the total pounds listed before moving on the amrap.  (ex. Men – 135lb x 30reps = 4,050 lbs. women – 75lb x 40reps = 3,000 lbs  got it?

The catch.
No racks
No De-loading bar, Your bar weight for Push Presses will be the same as what you picked for Back Squats.

Part 3. (5 minutes)

50 Knees – to – elbows  (A /I ) / 25 reps (B)

For time