Featured Programs

We offer lots of different programs to fit whatever you fitness needs


Our flagship CrossFit program designed on a 60 minute timeline. The most refined CrossFit program out there. Train to be ready for anything!


BEx Training (Body Express) is an approximately 45 minute bootcamp style class designed for all fitness levels that focuses on metabolic conditioning and it’s fat burning effects

@Home Training

Our program specifically programmed for training at your house. Designed on a 45 minute timeline.  Uses limited equipment.  Also has a Virtual option to have your home workout hosted by a coach.


Great place, great coaches and a great group to work out with.

David Blaze

Crossfit Swarm is a fabulous place to get fit. Caring trainers who really focus on good form and health. I have never stuck to a workout program this long and I am so glad I finally tried them out.

Annie Hotchkiss

I’ve been a member for a few years and recently suffered an injury. I was very nervous that I wouldn’t be able to workout for a while. The coaches were there for me offering insight and guidance on how to care for myself, assuring me that they would modify the workouts so that I could continue.
After consulting with my doctors, I felt nervous that the coaching staff would feel that I didn’t trust their guidance (an irrational thought on my part). When I shared my fear with the coaches, they supportively chuckled and said, “You should talk with your doctors. They’re the professionals! Don’t feel bad about that.” This instantly calmed my nerves and reinforced my appreciation for this gym/box.
The staff at Swarm are dedicated to its members and their overall wellbeing.
Thank you, CrossFit Swarm for being so supportive, knowledgeable and humble. It makes your members feel like family!
I whole-heartedly recommend CrossFit Swarm!

Vince Baker

If you want to look forward to working out this is the place for you! The coaches are knowledgeable, patient and actually care about you and your fitness goals. Extremely welcoming community that truly makes you feel like family. Always challenging and never boring. You don’t have to be crazy fit to start, easily scaled to all levels I just can’t say enough good things about Crossfit Swarm. I wish I found this place many years ago!!

Tara Hall